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LANETHIX Fundraisers

We love to give back to our community. If you have a non-profit organization and would like us to organize a fundraiser for you, feel free to contact us at 


San Diego ALS Foundation

Together we raised $1050 for the San Diego ALS Foundation online and at a special shopping event in San Diego (Pacific Beach). 

If you would like us to continue donating 20% of your

purchase to the San Diego ALS Foundation please 

leave code #defeatALS in the comment box when

making your purchase. 

Your Fundraiser Here

If you would like us to help you raise funds for your

non-profit organization, please contact us at

How it works: 

LANETHIX gives back 20% of all sales during a set period of time to your non-profit organization.


For the ALS Foundation we for example gave

back 20% off all our online sales for 2 full weeks and we also organized a special 3 hour Shopping Event in San Diego (PB). 

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