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Feel good in every pose

🎾 About LANETHIX: Welcome to LANETHIX, the woman-owned activewear brand that's making waves in the world of racquet sports fashion. Founded in the vibrant heart of Pacific Beach, San Diego, LANETHIX is on a mission to redefine activewear for women of all backgrounds who share a passion for racquet sports.

👩‍👧‍👦 Meet Christiana Thieler: Meet the visionary behind LANETHIX, Christiana Thieler, a powerhouse mom of three. Originally hailing from Germany, Christiana embarked on her American dream journey in 2006. Armed with a university degree in economics and sports science from Germany, her entrepreneurial spirit, and a dash of European flair, she fearlessly built LANETHIX from the ground up.

🌟 LANETHIX's Distinctive Appeal: At LANETHIX, we're not just about activewear; we're about empowerment through style and performance. Our carefully curated designs and styles are a testament to Christiana's impeccable taste and her commitment to crafting activewear that women love. We've made it our mission to offer:

✨ Unmatched Quality: Our activewear is designed to stand up to the rigors of racquet sports, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable on the court.

👗 Fashionable Style: We believe that fashion and function should go hand in hand, and our designs reflect this philosophy.

💃 Unparalleled Fit: LANETHIX activewear is thoughtfully designed to flatter your silhouette and make you feel your best.

💲 Affordability: We believe that every woman should have access to high-quality activewear without breaking the bank.

Join us on our journey to redefine racquet sports fashion, one stylish and empowering outfit at a time. Discover the LANETHIX difference today and experience activewear that elevates your game and empowers your spirit! 🎾💪

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